Stem Cell Therapy For Spinal Cord Injury


Stem cell therapy for the spinal cord injury is one of the most advanced technology. This therapy has created revolution in the medical science. It is the most reliable and effective medical treatment to cure spinal cord injury. Generally stem cell therapy is used to treat spinal cord injury which is caused by road accidents. Spinal cord injury occurs due to the serious damage to the vertebrae, ligaments or disks of the spinal column. The injury can be traumatic and non-traumatic. If a person experiences an unexpected harm to their spine in the form of dislocations, compressing of the vertebrae and fractures, then it leads to another form of traumatic injury.

The most common cases leading to traumatic spinal cord injury is listed below:

• Motor vehicle accident

• Football

• Fall from high height

• Gymnastics

• In Violence

• Other adventure sports

Damage to the spinal cord usually results in impairments or loss of muscle movement, muscle control, sensation and body system control. Due to damage to spinal cord, it becomes irreparable, at that time stem cell therapy creates hopes in the patients.

Benefits of stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury:

• Increased activity

• Better physical fitness

• Improved in mood

• Less need of antibiotics

• Ability to resume work in short period of time

• Increase in efficiency and productivity.

Diagnosis to spinal cord injury:

• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI):

This test uses radio waves and magnetic field to create 3D image of spinal cord. MRI scans helps to detect exact type and location of the injury to the spinal cord.

• Computerized tomography ( CT ):

This scan gives 2D X-ray images of organs, bones and tissues. CT scan is less effective as compared to MRI scan. Hence mostly MRI scan test is preferable to take image of spinal cord.

• X-rays:

This is the most common test which is firstly performed by the doctors. It is used to view joints and major organ systems. Vertebral misalignment or fracture can be easily seen by X-rays. Instability of cervical spine can be detected by taking images of different neck positions.

Recovery after stem cell therapy:

• Stem cell therapy on spinal cord treatments can reduce the hospital stay.

• Stem cell therapy for spine does not disrupt the muscles and soft tissues.

• After stem cell therapy, doctor starts pain control management to relieve pain.

• Doctors also start physical therapy to regain strength to muscles and speed in recovery.