Neuro-Spine Surgery

neuro spine surgery

There is a misconception in the society that neurosurgery is limited to the brain only but Spinal surgery is an important aspect of this field. Human life is impossible without spinal cord. Hence proper functioning of spinal cord is very important for sustaining. The brain and the spinal cord come together to form the central nervous system, so spinal disease, disorder or malfunction affects neurological function. The spinal cord allows the brain to communicate back and forth with the rest of the body, so damage to this network of nerves, tissues, and fibers can severely disrupt patients’ lives and ability to function permanently.

Neuro-spinal specialists can perform many types of surgeries to cure uncomfortable symptoms, correct misalignment  and repair spinal structures. Spine surgery can correct unhealthy abnormalities in the spinal cord, nerves, ligaments, vertebrae and the discs between them. It can be performed in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral portions of the spine and surrounding tissues.

Following conditions can treat by using Neuro-Spine surgery:

• Disc disease

• Percutaneous procedures

• Spinal tumors

• Spinal malformations

• Spinal dysraphism

• Spine reconstruction and fixation

• Spine trauma care

During conventional spine surgery, surgeons use thin blades and manual instruments to open the skin and modify the tissue and bone beneath it. But today with the help of advanced and modern technology, Neurosurgeons have implemented endoscopic techniques, using tiny, camera-controlled tools to perform minimally invasive procedures. Many Neuro-Spine surgeons use laser tools to adjust the spine. There is very less bleeding and pain during surgery. This method is very beneficial and effective to make patient comfortable and happy.